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South Carolina is rich in waterfalls, and with more than 14 Great Falls Trails stretching 54 miles, you'll be sure to find a waterfall near you. The waterfalls are popular because they are located just a few miles from the cities of Gatlinburg, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina. You can also find them in Charlotte by turning off the Parkroad at traffic light 8 to Gatlinsburg and following the Historic Nature Trail.

The park is a popular destination for hiking, kayaking and picnics, and is accessible from Maryland and Northern Virginia.

The park covers an area of about 3000 hectares and contains the well-preserved remains of the canal system that made the river commercially navigable from 1820 to 1835. The only textile factory built in Warren County in the 1930s, also known as Fall City Cotton Mills, is located at the intersection of North Street and South Main Street in North Charleston, South Carolina.

The city of North Charleston is located in Warren County, South Carolina, USA, north of Charleston, North Carolina. The city limits of Summerville extend to the Ashley River, and there is a small part of the city within the city limits of South Charleston County.

Summerville is located in southeastern Dorchester County and bordered to the south by Berkeley County and the city of North Charleston, North Carolina. The city stretches northeast into Berkeley and Charleston counties and is bordered by the Ashley River and South Charleston County to the north, the Atlantic Ocean in both directions to the east, and a small portion of the Charleston River in South Carolina's easternmost county.

I Interstate 26 goes north from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and southeast to Charleston, and I-26 goes south from Summerville to the city of North Charleston. Charleston has no rush hour traffic like some major cities and there is no need to do everything in a single day if you arrive between 4 and 7 p.m. on weekdays. A flight from Charleston to Myrle Beach takes between two and three hours (depending on the number of connections) and only one hour.

The city is a particularly popular destination during the Easter holidays and spring break. Expect hotel prices to skyrocket and attractions to be crowded, especially in late spring and early summer.

If you don't have a car, flying is an economical choice if you're planning a weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach or Charleston, South Carolina, for the Easter or spring holidays. Air travel to and from Myr the Beach to Charleston is inexpensive, but it's also the fastest option when you factor in the cost of airfare, parking, hotel rooms and other expenses. The average entry price for a one-way ticket from Charleston to North Carolina is $128, but can vary significantly depending on location, amenities and seasonality.

The shuttle service offered by some hotels in the area is available 24 hours a day and runs from Myrtle Beach to Charleston, South Carolina, and from Charleston to North Carolina. Local hotels offering shuttle service include the Hilton North Charleston and Hilton Charleston Hilton Hotel. The NorthCharleston hotel features an on-site spa and a full-service fitness center and fitness center. The suit features two fully equipped fitness centers, a pool, gym, gym, pool deck, spa, sauna and fitness area.

For active travelers who want to get some exercise while staying in North Charleston, there are several hotels in town that offer guests the opportunity to use the on-site fitness center. In addition, CARTA offers free Downtown Shuttles (DASH) that provide riders with access to the Peninsula's attractions, including the South Carolina Museum of Natural History, Charleston Convention Center and other attractions. The downtown area is within walking distance, even if you plan to park your car for the duration of your stay in Charleston. Some hotels, such as the Hilton Charleston Hilton Hotel and Hilton South Charleston Hotel, have dining facilities to provide guests with a more convenient alternative to dining at the hotel, as well as a full-service fitness center.

Another must-see - visit attractions like the South Carolina Aquarium, which is a must for families. Then stroll through the picturesque Georgetown Harbor, which begins at the visitor center and ends at the Kaminski House Museum.

To learn more about South Carolina's foreclosures and how to behave before you sell, read our guide to the top 10 foreclosure sites in the state. Check availability and find out about foreclosure listings and services in North Carolina, such as Fayetteville Falls, a bank-owned foreclosure, or Fall River, the site of one of the largest foreclosure collections of homes in the nation, on our foreclosure service. You can also check out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's list of foreclosure properties in Charleston to learn about the most popular foreclosure markets in South Florida.

With a total of 8 earthquakes since 1931, Great Falls, SC, has the lowest earthquake risk and the earthquake risk rating is slightly below the South Carolina state average. Eighteen hundred are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the contributing properties represent some of the nation's most important historic sites, including the historic buildings in Charleston, Fayetteville, and Fall River, as well as many others in the state. If you like what you see, like and manage in your favorite city on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Pinterest.

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