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After reviewing our list of the best things to do in Charleston, South Carolina, we decided to make the hike to the Lowland. We also took note of the many wine and restaurant options in the impressive Charleston Waterfront Park. This is a good place to stay and one of our favorite places to eat and drink in the city.

There is a fantastic beach in Charleston, SC, although staying close to the water can be a little difficult. Still, there are plenty of attractions, activities and activities around Charleston that draw people here in the first place. There are many great restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and other attractions, all within walking distance of the beach, as well as a number of restaurants and bars to stay close to the water.

For those who simply want to avoid the hassle of getting to their accommodation, there are several hotels in the area that offer free airport transfers and can also offer them for free. Our plan included a cruise flight from Charleston Airport, and with a spacious jetted whirlpool (2), the King Whirlpool Suite is exactly what you want here.

Nearby hotels offering shuttle service include the Harbourview Hotel in Charleston, the Hilton Charleston Westin Hotel and the North Charleston Hotel. Located on the harbor, this opulent boutique hotel offers superb views of the Charleston River and the city skyline. This magnificent hotel features a large lobby, private pool, indoor / outdoor pool and spa, as well as a full-service restaurant.

Dine on site, including a full-service restaurant, bar and bar, and an outdoor terrace overlooking the harbor and city skyline.

If you are here to experience some of the best shopping in downtown Charleston, SC, this is the place to stay. This North Charleston hotel features an on-site spa and features a full-service restaurant, bar and bar, and an outdoor patio. If you are in decent shape and ready to walk to the parts of the Charleston Peninsula that visitors want to see, you can stay at a chain hotel outside a historic neighborhood. There are a number of great hotels in the Charleston area with great views of downtown.

The Zero George is located near the Gailliard Center, so this is the perfect place for you when you're in town for a performance. If you were excited about one of the best accommodations in Charleston, you can take advantage of all the good free deals in and around Charleston SC. Let's take a look at some fascinating areas of the city that you can explore so you can plan where you will stay during your visit to Charleston, SC. For more information, follow North Charleston South Charleston Westin Hotel on Facebook and Twitter.

The Zero George is located near the Gailliard Center, so this is the perfect place for you when you are in town to see a show.

For active travelers who want to get some exercise while staying in North Charleston, there are several hotels in town that offer guests the opportunity to use an on-site fitness center. The suit features a fully equipped fitness center and features the largest and most eventful events in the area. It features a full-service restaurant and a private dining room, offering guests a more convenient alternative to dining on site.

However, the best hotels in Charleston, SC can be very expensive, and most require a little more travel to get to the tourist parts of downtown Charleston. The beauty is that you can have the same experience no matter where you are as long as you are in the city. Some of the hotels here are cheaper than some, but they're still not as good as those in South Carolina.

The closest hotel to Charleston Beach is the Tides Hotel in Folly Beach, which is at the top of our shortlist.

The hotel was built in 1924 by a group led by William E. Westin, founder of the Charleston Hotel Company and the first owner of North Charleston.

After Hurricane Hugo hit Charleston, a group of investors bought the hotel in 1934, just months after Hurricane Huguenot, for $3.2 million. Charleston Mayor R. Goodwyn Rhett headed the North Charleston Corp. that organized it. In 1933, the state Department of Construction completed the construction of the South Carolina State Fairgrounds and the Charleston County Courthouse. By 1934, North Charleston was the fourth largest city in South Carolina, with the annexation of the city of South Charleston and other parts of North Carolina and the state of Georgia.

In 1961, North Charleston tried again to integrate, even electing a mayor, F.C. Ott, in anticipation. Mayor Reilly and the city of Charleston took the plunge and borrowed money to build the luxury hotel, but forgot to build it. The hotel was operated for the next four years with the help of the Charleston County Courthouse, the South Carolina State Fairgrounds and other government buildings.

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More About North Charleston