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Live music culture is encouraged by an active local community that favours local artists and performers. Many visitors from around the country would unknowingly underestimate the importance of North Charleston, South Carolina's music scene to the city's economy.

Charleston, South Carolina is located in an idyllic setting with live music. Charleston, South Carolina is the perfect setting for a great experience in the heart of North Charleston. Nestled between tall church spires, Spanish moss-draped oaks and cobbled streets, you'll experience one of the most breathtaking scenery when you see live music in a place like Charleston! If you're looking for live jazz in Charleston SC and want to spend a few hundred dollars for dinner, the Charleston Grill offers the best of both worlds. It has a changing lineup of musicians who change every night and is open year-round for tours, so there are plenty of opportunities to experience and enjoy live music with local and touring artists.

Enjoy jazz on the edge of fine dining at the Charleston Grill every day, or listen to a wide repertoire of jazz standards from the resident Charleston Jazz Orchestra with closed cufflinks. In Charleston, SC, you can watch live music on weekends and the more popular acts on the road. Go back to the early 20th century jazz days of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Charleston and enjoy a night of listening and nailing - connections with the Charleston Jazz Orchestra.

Several nights a week, you will have all the essentials of a Charleston dive bar, including live music, beer, wine, food and a wide selection of drinks. Few concert halls in Charleston prefer the hard stuff, but the cramped, small space always makes shows at the Big Gun a wild experience. The venue will host three nights of Phish in 2019 and will be home to some of the biggest names performing a show at the North Charleston Coliseum.

Jazz festivals in Charleston, including the Charleston Jazz Festival and the South Carolina Jazz Fest, as well as the North Charleston Music Festival. Country, folk and bluegrass festivals such as the Charleston Folk Festival, Charleston Country Music Fest and Charleston Bluegrass Fest.

Lesser - Famous venues include the South Carolina Jazz Festival, Charleston Music Festival and North Charleston Jazz Fest, as well as the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

If you're in the area to listen to live music, the Charleston Pour House should be on your to-do list. The venue is famous for being one of the most popular venues in North Charleston for the South Carolina Jazz Festival, and it's a great place to go anywhere near the venue if you're looking for a cool place to hang out in Charleston. Also check out Charleston's live music calendar, which is always up to date and includes almost every concert in and around Charleston on any given day. Whether you were a tourist visiting Charleston over the weekend or a touring band booking a show in Charlotte, this calendar should prove very helpful.

On this page, you can find a list of live music venues in North Charleston and South Carolina that you can see every day of the week in Charleston, North Carolina. The venues are listed alphabetically and are located in downtown Charleston or the surrounding area.

It's the workhorse of Charleston music venues, and it would be difficult to find someone who has lived in Charleston for more than a few years and hasn't been to Music Farm. One of the busiest - and busiest - places in North Charleston is Purple Buffalo.

Of course, a gig in Charleston means that you can visit Charleston, and this bonus surely convinces quite a few musicians to jam here. JohnKing is certainly an interesting place to see live music and sometimes plays a key role in helping new artists listen to their music before they are offered their first gig.

For locals, Charleston is synonymous with outdoor music festivals, and the city hosts them during the short winter season. Charleston and South Carolina on the coast offer a very popular music festival that attracts visitors from around the world, with many scheduling their visits to make the most of both.

Downtown, the North Charleston Coliseum ( offers live music from across the country, as well as a variety of local and international bands. Although time has passed in the music hall, it is still impressive to have had the opportunity to dance and dance to the sounds of the South Carolina music scene in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Charleston Music Hall in its current form is already one of the best concert halls in Charleston, and you should see for yourself. By the way, it's already been home to some of South Carolina's most famous jazz bands, so check out the website for upcoming events. The Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina really have some good locations to experience live music throughout the city. There is even a sometimes bumpy beach, where tours such as the Charleston Symphony Orchestra and the Carolina Jazz Band perform several times a week. Visit Charleston to organize a Jazz Artists Charleston at the North Charleston Coliseum (

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