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If you are a first-time Charleston resident, the French Quarter is your choice for Charleston accommodation. Enjoy a stroll through the streets and alleyways of downtown Charleston overlooking historic buildings, historic streets and historic neighborhoods.

Visitors can look back across the city to see Charleston at night and stand where Ashley Cooper Rivers met her husband John Rivers. Whether you are a regular or first-time visitor to Charleston, South Carolina, you will find that Charleston is worth getting to know during the night as well as in the sunny hours. If you want to spend a relaxing night without burning out on the dance floor, Downtown Charleston has everything you can look forward to.

Live music is played on Fridays and Saturdays, and there are popular spots to watch College of Charleston and UNC basketball games. There are lots of fun people of all ages and the city has a lively, young feel that has behaved with it.

Charleston's party scene has the potential to be tamer than its sister city, Savannah, with open containers here, but it has its share of fun, even if it's tame in its open container here. Charleston has a wide selection of bars and restaurants where you can have a fantastic time.

Read on to discover some of the city's best night-time attractions, and if you want more recommendations, check out our free Charleston Area Vacation Guides. If you want more suggestions for activities in the area, be sure to read our guide to the best restaurants in and around Charleston to discover everything you need to do during your visit to Charleston, SC. Read on for some great food tips on Seabrook Island or read more about the great nightlife options in North Charleston South Carolina.

We have included our guide to the best places to meet girls in Charleston South Carolina in our dating guide, so enjoy your time here and look forward to meeting some of the girls from Charleston!

This is the most popular nightlife destination in North Charleston, South Carolina, and you can spend the best nights of the year here, from Mount Vernon to Mount Pleasant to Charleston.

This district has the highest concentration of nightlife and is characterized by its eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, clubs and entertainment venues. Located in the heart of Upper King Street, it includes a number of popular bars and restaurants such as the Blue Moon, Bowery Bar & Grill and many more. This is an up and coming neighborhood of North Charleston, South Carolina, home to hip restaurants and trendy bars. Located in a quiet corner of the city, just blocks from downtown, this eatery prides itself on combining a warm, welcoming atmosphere with an intimate atmosphere you won't find anywhere else in Charleston.

Guests can enjoy a wide selection of food and drinks, as well as live music and entertainment. There are just about every good bar and nightclub in this area to get in touch with a Charleston girl. The bars and clubs in this area are not too far apart and guests can also enjoy good food, great drinks and a great nightlife.

There are no bush fights, Charleston, South Carolina has a strong connection to alcohol and food Most things you can do at night in Charleston South Florida are embarrassingly inadequate if you don't mention food here, but on those evenings food and alcohol are often high on my list. Personally, I think there are a lot of great restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the city of Charleston. In this area there are many good restaurants and bars as well as many fun things to do.

This tavern on James Island is the place to meet up with upcoming acts like Lucero, Durand Jones, etc. If you want a music experience like you've never had before, visit the Charleston Pour House for great live music. Go to Cure Nightclub with your local LGBT friends and turn it into one of the best nightclubs in Charleston South Florida.

Mexican restaurants in the area do not take anything away from the appeal, this is a Charleston strip club. It is located on the corner of North Charleston Avenue and South Main Street in the heart of downtown Charleston. This means you are forgoing valuable time to celebrate while you are in the city centre.

Wherever you go, the sunset from Charleston's rooftop bars and restaurants is a great way to start the evening. You can choose between different bars for nightlife, but you should definitely head to the French Quarter or downtown. No matter how you spend your time, you'll come across things you can do at night in Charleston, SC.

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